Monday, 11 June 2007

Stsadm export / import comand Errors to catch us

Migrating a sub site from one location to another within a single Site Collection.

After a short search you will find that most places point you towards Stsadm.exe -export / import and most of these tuts and How to’s are complete so no need to Blog it again (besides I could not do half as good a job) But what I want to highlight is errors that I have come across when using the commands that I can’t find answers to

Firstly the size of the sub site
When using stsadm.exe export the exported data is not written to destination disk till after the export is complete so if the sub site is larger than the free space on the system disk the export will fail.
Not much can be done around this one you can try reduce the amount of information exported by using the –versions command or create your own migration tool using the API’s
If you know any good way around this please add a comment.

Next Lists with e-mail address
If a list has an attached incoming email address and the Portal incoming email settings Directory Management Service is set to yes. The import fails as it can’t create the email address as it all ready exists short of removing all e-mail support from these lists and redoing the export and import then add email association to the newly imported lists
Best way I have found is to drop all list email association and then do the export and import then add the associations to the new lists.
If you know any good way around this please add a comment.

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